Victoria is a Certified Facilitator in the Lego® Serious Play® methodology.

Lego® Serious Play® is a unique approach that allows complex ideas to be explored practically and creatively using Lego® bricks. Developed in the 1990s, it is a methodology that combines building models with storytelling to develop mutual understanding within organisations, to form adaptive strategies for projects and businesses, to troubleshoot problems, to create space for blue sky thinking, and to create a stronger sense of team identity.

Victoria works with organisations to gain an understanding of a particular area or issue they would like to focus on in workshops. She then tailor-makes a workshop programme, utilising a range of Lego® Serious Play® exercises.


  • a series of model-building activities that anyone can participate in (no previous Lego® building experience necessary);
  • participants telling stories about their models;
  • reflection and questions asked about the models;
  • group discussion on insights and actions that can be taken from what has been discussed in the workshop.

In multi-day workshops, there is also an opportunity to role play a range of scenarios and explore how the organisation might respond to new challenges. The stories, ideas, and reflections that are shared by participants in the workshop are then collated into a report that can be used to influence next steps and future planning for the organisation.

Lego® Serious Play® is an energetic, invigorating approach to facilitating dialogue in organisations. It enables innovative thinking, creates opportunity for people from across an organisation to feed into strategy and organisational development, uncovers effective solutions to problems and builds stronger teams.

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